Seed Library


What is a Seed Library?

The Seed Library is a collection of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds that you can borrow to plant and grow at home. By saving seeds as a community we help create a local seed stock that are better acclimated to our unique climate and which will support an abundant and genetically diverse landscape. We support gardeners from beginner to expert, and help you learn how to grow, harvest, and save seeds.


The Seed Library is made possible by donations from   

and community members like you!

Thank You!


How to Participate in the Seed Library:

  • Come to a free seminar.
  • Seminar topics will include, but are not limited to: how to grow, save, and clean seeds, native plants, cross pollination, invasive plants and much, much more!
  • You “check out” seeds ONLY at a free seminar and we encourage you to “return” seeds you have saved or make a donation of a purchased seed package, so that our seed stock remains full for “checking out”.
  •  You must have a library card to “check out” seeds. Signing up for a Library card is Free.
  •  Seed Donations are now being accepted. (See Donation Requirements handout and Donations form.)


Seminar Date: 

    Saturday, April 6 at 10 am

Seed availability is based on the season. “Checking Out” seeds works like checking out a book, but you aren’t required to return seeds. In turn, we do encourage you to learn seed saving skills to develop the best local seed stock for the Jefferson Seed Library. Seeds can only be  “checked out” at a seminar.

Seeds available for “check out” April 6:

Vegetables and Herbs:                                                                        Flowers:

  • Basil–April Last Month to Check Out                                     *         Bachelor Buttons (Corn flower)
  • Garden Bean (Bush)–April Last Month to Check Out                  Chinese Forget-Me-Not–Last Chance
  • Catnip                                                                                          *         Hibiscus (yellow)–Last Chance
  • Corn                                                                                             *         Mexican Sunflower–Last Chance
  • Chives–April Last Month to Check Out                                  *          Morning Glory–Last Chance
  • Parsley–April Last Month to Check Out                                 *          Sunflower
  • Pop Corn                                                                                     *          Sweet Pea–Last Chance 
  • Pumpkin                                                                                      *          Zinnia 
  • Tomato–April Last Month to Check Out
  • Watermelon 




Our Seeds are grown and saved by community members with love and care, but may not meet state germination or labeling standards.


At the Jefferson Public Library, we try our best to ensure the quality of our seed using the best practices, inventory care, and labeling. Nonetheless, seeds are alive and people using the Seed Library have varying degrees of skill in saving seeds. You should know, you might experience low germination rates or may not produce true-to-type due to cross-pollination. The Seed Library is solely dependent on donations and we so the best with the time and resources we have.

If you do have any problems with the seed you get from the Seed Library, please let us know so we can try to fix it. Email us at Thanks for your interest in Local Seeds!




Other Gardening Events:


**Seed Swap**

April 6, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
1928 Railroad St, Statham, GA 30666, USA

Come join us for our third seed swap. Local gardener and chef Delia Buxton is organizing the event. You do not have to bring seeds with you in order to participate in this event, but if you do want to bring some, please make sure they are non-GMO and marked with the collection date. Herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables are all welcome. If you have any old seed catalogs laying around, please bring those as well. For more information please call 770-725-4785.


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